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Young boy screams into a microphone setup
Description: Does meditation really calm your inner coked-up squirrel, or is it just gloried napping? No, that’s not the title of AJ’s biography. It’s the hard-hitting topic AJ and Hillary are tackling this week. Tune in, and get your “ommmmmm” on. See our blog for show notes. Blog:  Like the show?  Tell someone!  Love the show?  Leave a couple of bucks in our tip jar over on  It's 2021, we need new workout gear.   And don't forget to rate and follow us.  Unless you hate us…but then why are you still reading this?  Psssh! Get a life……errr…we mean, go in peace, fellow human.
  1. EP023 Meditation
  2. EP022 Gratitude
  3. EP021 Hell's Kettlebells
  4. EP020 #Goals
  5. EP019 Hot Mess
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