Episode 33: You Golf Like A Girl!

Did you know that AJ and Hillary golf? Well, if you’ve ever seen us play, you still wouldn’t know it. We didn’t say we played with any kind of skill. Mostly, we’re just out there, hitting the links, so we can make jokes about “long shafts” and “losing our balls.” Oh, also, AJ likes toContinue reading “Episode 33: You Golf Like A Girl!”

Episode 28: ‘Let’s Try Rugby,’ She Said, ‘It’ll Be Fun,’ She Said

Yes, that’s correct: Once upon a time, AJ and Hillary decided to try rugby. What? Why are you making that skeptical “shut the front door” face? Hey! AJ and Hillary can be hardcore! Sometimes! In short bursts! If there are snacks later! But yes, for a brief, glorious(?) moment in time, AJ and Hillary decidedContinue reading “Episode 28: ‘Let’s Try Rugby,’ She Said, ‘It’ll Be Fun,’ She Said”