Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen-ish Things We’ve Learned

Yes, dear listeners and Feed Me followers, we have somehow managed to string together 12 whole episodes. No one is more shocked by this than AJ and Hillary. In honor of our twelfth episode, AJ and Hillary decided to put together the dozen things they’ve learned over those past many episodes. … Or at least,Continue reading “Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen-ish Things We’ve Learned”

Episode 11: Is MUD/WTR Worth the Hype and Expense?

You ever drink out of a mud puddle as a kid? You know, you’re playing outside, the older kids in the neighborhood dare you, it’s hot out, you think, “what’s the worst that could happen.” What? No, this is not an anecdote from Hillary’s childhood. Shut up. Anyway, as an adult, your mud puddle drinkingContinue reading “Episode 11: Is MUD/WTR Worth the Hype and Expense?”