2021 Hiatus: We Put Ourselves in Timeout

Although it’s true that “nobody puts Baby in a corner,” AJ and Hillary can — and probably should — put themselves in time-out after they act out.  Did you hear that last episode? … OK, the last four episodes? Well, if you listened to the last Throat Punch Thursday, you know we could use aContinue reading “2021 Hiatus: We Put Ourselves in Timeout”

Episode 31: Care and Feeding of Introverts

If you have made it to 2021, survived a global pandemic with its various forms of isolation, consumed any kind of online content, and yet still don’t know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert …. dude, what the fuck?  OK, OK, that’s unnecessarily harsh, even for us.  But introversion is Having a Moment andContinue reading “Episode 31: Care and Feeding of Introverts”

Episode 23: Does Meditation Really Calm Your Inner Coked-Up Squirrel, or Is It Just Glorified Napping?

Do your thoughts tend to race? Do you have trouble focusing on one thing at a time? Do you find yourself buried under a deluge of anxious messages from your ungrateful brain, telling you Tiffany from high school was right and that you’ll never amount to anything and that you walk like an orangutan withContinue reading “Episode 23: Does Meditation Really Calm Your Inner Coked-Up Squirrel, or Is It Just Glorified Napping?”

Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen-ish Things We’ve Learned

Yes, dear listeners and Feed Me followers, we have somehow managed to string together 12 whole episodes. No one is more shocked by this than AJ and Hillary. In honor of our twelfth episode, AJ and Hillary decided to put together the dozen things they’ve learned over those past many episodes. … Or at least,Continue reading “Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen-ish Things We’ve Learned”

The Unexpected Healing Power of Cat Videos

The current state of the world has a bit of a — oh, I don’t know — tire-fire quality about it, no? Like everything is ablaze around us, and there’s just no putting it out, right? (Incidentally, for those who were really hoping we’d start this blog post with some song lyrics as we’ve doneContinue reading “The Unexpected Healing Power of Cat Videos”

Episode 3: OFFPLAN! Or How to (Mostly) Survive a Pandemic

If you’re like AJ and Hillary, it’s possible your year has Not Gone According to Plan. Because, you know, so much of life totally, like, omg, always goes exactly the way you were expecting. But yeah, this year is a lil’ extreme even for that. AJ and Hillary like to refer to how they’re dealingContinue reading “Episode 3: OFFPLAN! Or How to (Mostly) Survive a Pandemic”