Episode 16: Close Encounters of the COVID Kind

We know, we know. We’re all tired of hearing about COVID 19. Tired of the politics and arguing and masks and quarantine and distance learning and Zoom meetings and … yeah, we’ll stop now. Anyway, it’s all been exhausting, and there’s no end in sight. But sometimes, it helps to hear the stories of thoseContinue reading “Episode 16: Close Encounters of the COVID Kind”

Episode 3: OFFPLAN! Or How to (Mostly) Survive a Pandemic

If you’re like AJ and Hillary, it’s possible your year has Not Gone According to Plan. Because, you know, so much of life totally, like, omg, always goes exactly the way you were expecting. But yeah, this year is a lil’ extreme even for that. AJ and Hillary like to refer to how they’re dealingContinue reading “Episode 3: OFFPLAN! Or How to (Mostly) Survive a Pandemic”