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You don’t have to buy anything to live a healthier lifestyle. But also, the right pair of hiking shoes could make or break a day’s outdoor adventure. Unless you really dig blisters. As such, AJ and Hillary have put together some of their favorite products that can help when you want to “live your best life.” Or whatever the cool kids are calling “not just sitting on the couch and mainlining Pringles.” (Note: We might make a small profit if you buy from some of the affiliate links posted here.)

Fuds and Dranks
Snarky Tea
Keen Biking Sandals
Salomon Outline GTX
Hiking Shoes
Indoor Workout Apparel

Workout Equipment

Headphones and Earbuds

Outdoor Workout Apparel
Eddie Bauer Polar
Fleece-Lined Pants

Eddie Bauer Midweight
FreeDry Merino Hybrid
Baselayer Long-Sleeve Crew

Club Ride Apparel
Savvy Cycling Short –
Women’s Biking Shorts

beroy Women Cycling Shorts
with 4D Padded,Gel Bike
Underwear and Bike Shorts
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