Episode 31: Care and Feeding of Introverts

If you have made it to 2021, survived a global pandemic with its various forms of isolation, consumed any kind of online content, and yet still don’t know if you’re an introvert or an extrovert …. dude, what the fuck?  OK, OK, that’s unnecessarily harsh, even for us.  But introversion is Having a Moment andContinue reading “Episode 31: Care and Feeding of Introverts”

Episode 23: Does Meditation Really Calm Your Inner Coked-Up Squirrel, or Is It Just Glorified Napping?

Do your thoughts tend to race? Do you have trouble focusing on one thing at a time? Do you find yourself buried under a deluge of anxious messages from your ungrateful brain, telling you Tiffany from high school was right and that you’ll never amount to anything and that you walk like an orangutan withContinue reading “Episode 23: Does Meditation Really Calm Your Inner Coked-Up Squirrel, or Is It Just Glorified Napping?”

Episode 22: Gratitude: If Nothing Else, There’re Always Sweatpants

After a year where we witnessed a global pandemic, racial unrest, one of the most divisive elections in recent history, murder hornets, “Tiger King,” and Mario Lopez as sexy Colonel Sanders, talking about gratitude can feel … tone deaf.  No one wants to be the obnoxiously cheery “look on the bright side!” person (well, AJContinue reading “Episode 22: Gratitude: If Nothing Else, There’re Always Sweatpants”

Episode 18: The Holiday Special

“It’s the mooooossssssst wonderful time of the …”  You know what, Andy Williams? Shut it. Fiiiiine. That’s a little harsh. Bah humbug.  But you gotta admit, even if you love the holidays, they can get a little … tense. And in a year when there’s been a global pandemic and whole lotta political shenanigans, timeContinue reading “Episode 18: The Holiday Special”

Episode 16: Close Encounters of the COVID Kind

We know, we know. We’re all tired of hearing about COVID 19. Tired of the politics and arguing and masks and quarantine and distance learning and Zoom meetings and … yeah, we’ll stop now. Anyway, it’s all been exhausting, and there’s no end in sight. But sometimes, it helps to hear the stories of thoseContinue reading “Episode 16: Close Encounters of the COVID Kind”

The Unexpected Healing Power of Cat Videos

The current state of the world has a bit of a — oh, I don’t know — tire-fire quality about it, no? Like everything is ablaze around us, and there’s just no putting it out, right? (Incidentally, for those who were really hoping we’d start this blog post with some song lyrics as we’ve doneContinue reading “The Unexpected Healing Power of Cat Videos”