Episode 29: E-Bikes: The ‘E’ Stands for ‘Excellent,’ ‘Exhilarating,’ and … Uh, ‘E-Awesome’

You didn’t really think you were gonna get away with just one episode about bikes, one of Hillary’s favorite topics, did you? No, no, friendly listening reader. Face it, if AJ and Hillary are essentially gonna provide you this high-quality, hilarious content for free, well, you’re just going to have to tolerate us talking aboutContinue reading “Episode 29: E-Bikes: The ‘E’ Stands for ‘Excellent,’ ‘Exhilarating,’ and … Uh, ‘E-Awesome’”

Working Out in a Winter Wonderland

NOTE: The accompanying podcast will drop a day earlier than usual, so watch for it on Wednesday, Nov. 25. That way, you can be on the lookout for all the Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals on the gear we mentioned because you know you’re gonna wanna do alllllll the winter activities.  It seems thatContinue reading “Working Out in a Winter Wonderland”

Episode 5: Do You Even Ride, Bro? Or How to Live Your Best Two-Wheeled Life

BIKES!!!1 To understand that reference and why Hillary kept saying it over and over again on the podcast, you have to watch this clip of Tom Segura. No, go ahead, do it now. We’ll wait.  … You’re welcome. We’re living in the age of the bike, man. There are bikes at pretty much every priceContinue reading “Episode 5: Do You Even Ride, Bro? Or How to Live Your Best Two-Wheeled Life”