2021 Hiatus: We Put Ourselves in Timeout

Adult standing against a wall, in timeout
Baby might not belong in a corner, but AJ and Hillary probably do.

Although it’s true that “nobody puts Baby in a corner,” AJ and Hillary can — and probably should — put themselves in time-out after they act out. 

Did you hear that last episode? … OK, the last four episodes? Well, if you listened to the last Throat Punch Thursday, you know we could use a little break-i-poo.

So, while we lounge around, drinking whiskey and pretending to be outdoorsy, you can listen to the “back list.” (Except for maybe the last episode.) Or check out all the stellar blogs (*snort*) we’ve created over the past couple years.

We’ll be back at it after our break with more great (read: “meh”) episodes!

When we return, you’ll hear more snarky chat about wellness, our fitness journeys, and of course, more curse words.

Look for episodes about our experience with

  • Obstacle Course Races
  • Pickleball
  • Weight Watchers 
  • Martial Arts as Meditation

If you want to support this crazy show and these wacky chicks, write us a review and leave it on iTunes, and tune in for the next season of Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty.

How to leave a review on Apple Podcasts

  1. Open the Podcasts app on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
  2. Navigate to the page for our podcast, Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty
  3. Scroll down to find the subhead titled “Ratings & Reviews.”
  4. Under one of the highlighted reviews, select “Write a Review.”
  5. Write a glowing review about how wonderful we are, how funny, how witty, brilliant even!
  6. Give us ALL the stars
  7. Be nice

For Android users, you can review us on one of the podcast apps like:

  • Castbox
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