Episode 34: Throat-Punch Thursday II: It Puts the Lotion On or It Gets the Hose

throat-punch thursday with lil Hillary and lil AJ
Pretend the theme from “Charlie’s Angels” plays whenever you see this graphic.

Yeah, we’re gonna go ahead right now and apologize for this particular Throat-Punch Thursday episode, which all about what sets us off when it comes to taking care of your skin. Sure, it was fun for AJ and Hillary to record. But it’s a little off the chain, even for us. And the swearing. Yes, that’s part of the point of Throat-Punch Thursday. Buuuuuut … Yeah, it’s a bit much.

So, rather than subject you to more of that, we thought we’d put together some videos with actual useful skincare tips. It’s our way of saying “we’re sorry. We probably won’t do any better in the future, but we’ll try. Maybe.”

She’s dewy, so whatever she does must work, right?
She is NOT 40. There’s no way. Damn.
Give us that Fountain of Youth, Doc!
She’s adorable. We’ll do whatever she tells us.
And just for fun, in case you think these were the “good ol’ days.” *snort*

What about you? What’s your favorite skin hack or something about skincare that really gets your smooth, wrinkle-free goat? Smooth it all over in the comments!

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