Episode 33: You Golf Like A Girl!

meme of a golfer holding a trophy
AJ and Hillary wouldn’t know that feeling, seeing as how it’s never happened to them.

Did you know that AJ and Hillary golf? Well, if you’ve ever seen us play, you still wouldn’t know it. We didn’t say we played with any kind of skill.

Mostly, we’re just out there, hitting the links, so we can make jokes about “long shafts” and “losing our balls.” Oh, also, AJ likes to eat brisket out of a plastic baggie. Don’t ask.

Anyhoo, you can listen in to the golf podcast episode to hear all about our adventures with the sport of kings.

There’s already been a lot done on the topic of a “good walk spoiled,” which apparently Mark Twain did not say. So, rather than AJ and Hillary blathering on about a topic they’re not experts on (that’s what the podcast is for. Duh.), we figured we’d just use this space as the Lord intended and link you to some interesting/useful/funny info about the sport of golf.


Golf Etiquette // Nobody Talks About

Golf Etiquette You Need To Know // How to Play Like a Pro

7 Biggest Etiquette Mistakes!! Golf Monthly

14 Rules of Golf Etiquette You’re Breaking

Beginner Tips and Tricks for Chicks


How to Start Golfing // Being Basic with Paige Beginner Golf Series

Indoor Putting Tips and Fundamentals | Beginner Golfer

The ‘Rules

10 Rules From America’s Worst Golfer

What’s your experience been like when hitting the links? Have you experienced your own religious experience, aka a Jesus Ball? Albatross? Straight eagles? Do you have a good explanation for why all the bird-related nomenclature? Perhaps you have a petition for us to sign to get baggies of brisket sanctioned as legit golf snacks? 

We’re all teed up for you in the comments!

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