Episode 29: E-Bikes: The ‘E’ Stands for ‘Excellent,’ ‘Exhilarating,’ and … Uh, ‘E-Awesome’

two women pose with e-bikes
Bike nerds are the best nerds.

You didn’t really think you were gonna get away with just one episode about bikes, one of Hillary’s favorite topics, did you?

No, no, friendly listening reader. Face it, if AJ and Hillary are essentially gonna provide you this high-quality, hilarious content for free, well, you’re just going to have to tolerate us talking about whatever floats our goat.

But back to the topic at hand. Today, we’re talking about a very specific kind of bike: the glorious, magical, delightful e-bike.

Now, if you clicked that last link, you might notice it takes you to Liv, Giant’s e-bikes for women. And if that seems like it was done on purpose, that’s because duh. Yes, this is our blatant attempt to get Giant to sponsor this podcast (please see the previous statement about free content). 

However, AJ and Hillary are unwilling to shill for just any bike provider. No, no. It just so happens that we both own Giant e-bikes, and we love them sososo much. So, yes, this is self-serving, but it’s also a love letter to e-bikes.

We go into more details in the podcast about why we opted for e-bikes (Hillary sold three of her previous bikes to get one e-bike, a Giant Rove E+, which brings us to price, and we’ll talk about that in a moment.) AJ upgraded to an e-bike, a Giant LaFree, after hearing their praises sung by a friend.)

But they couldn’t be happier with their purchases. (Hillary’s already logged more miles in the few short months she’s owned her e-bike than she did all last year.)

Speaking of purchases, back to the price. Yeesh. It’s steep. On the low end, you can conceivably get an e-bike for under a grand. But it’s still going to be several hundred dollars. On the high end … well, the sky’s the limit depending on if you want a mountain, road, or even fat e-bike.

Taking Care of Your E-Bike

Just like you would with a regular bike, you want to take care of your e-bike so it lasts you for hundreds and hundreds of miles. 

To that point:

  • Store your bike — and especially your battery — inside. It’s a good idea to take your battery off when you’re not using it. 
  • Keep your bike clean. You should wipe it down after every ride, especially if you were riding through wet, dirty, sandy, or salty conditions. Talk to your local bike shop about the best product to protect and clean your bike chain too. 
  • If you’re transporting your bike on a vehicle, pick a rack that’s rated for the weight of your bike. E-bikes tend to weigh a lot more than traditional bikes, and not all bike racks are meant to carry that much weight. Hillary’s a fan of her Kuat Transfer v2. It’s not technically rated for e-bikes, but it generally works as long as she’s not toting bikes with their batteries on. 
  • It’s not a bad idea to find a cover for part of your bike where the battery connects. Some bike makers (like Giant!) sell them. Sometimes you can find generic ones on Amazon. If nothing else, depending on how your battery connects to the frame, you might be able to get away with just a plastic bag to protect the components.
  • Get the best lock you can afford. You just spent the earth on a bike. Don’t let some yahoo walk away with it.

What about you? Any experiences with an e-bike? Hate them? Love them? Cuddle up with yours each night, stroking it and telling it it’s a pretty, pretty princess. … No? Maybe that’s just AJ. Ride into our hearts with a comment here or on our Facebook page.

Further Info and Deets

Please note some of these are affiliate links that help support this podcast and site.

13 Reasons to Get Stoked About E-Bikes

Nutcase Helmets: They’re soooooo cute! We both have one.

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