Episode 28: ‘Let’s Try Rugby,’ She Said, ‘It’ll Be Fun,’ She Said

rugby players engaged in a scrum
Exhibit A as to why AJ and Hillary no longer play rugby. And it ain’t because of the stripped socks.

Yes, that’s correct: Once upon a time, AJ and Hillary decided to try rugby.

What? Why are you making that skeptical “shut the front door” face? Hey! AJ and Hillary can be hardcore! Sometimes! In short bursts! If there are snacks later!

But yes, for a brief, glorious(?) moment in time, AJ and Hillary decided to learn the rules of rugby and give it a go.

So, what is rugby? Here’s a helpful video that describes the general gist of how the game is played:

If you’re a keen reader, you noticed that AJ and Hillary “tried” rugby, as in past tense. 

“But y tho?” you may be asking yourself. “Why don’t they still play?”

One word: Scrum

So. Much. Touching.

Even pre-pandemic, this is entirely too much touchy-touchy time for either AJ or Hillary.

See for yourself:

Please get out of my space bubble before I’m forced to hurt you.

How about you? Have you ever played rugby? How did you overcome the scrum (name of Hillary’s band)? Pass along the details (backwards, of course) in the comments or on our Facebook page!

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