Episode 21: Hells (Kettle)bells: How One Piece of Exercise Equipment Packs All the Punches

Woman stands in front of kettlebells
Behold! I stand before you with my magnificent booty and these equally magnificent kettlebells! Bow before me!

Hells (kettle)bells

Hells (kettle)bells, you got me swinging

Hells (kettle)bells, my heart rate’s high

Hells (kettle)bells

Oh, come on! It’s been for-eh-ver since we started a blog post with song lyrics. So, as usual, apologies to AC/DC for bastardizing their hit, and the rest of you are welcome for the earworm.

Anyhoo, much has already been written about why and how kettlebells make for the ideal piece of workout equipment. But if you don’t feel like clicking links, googling, or doing any more than reading than this here blog post, we’ll hit the highlights for you:

  • They’re portable.
  • They’re simple.
  • There’s a wide range of exercises you can do with them.
  • They’re great for cardio and/or resistance training.
  • They’re awesome for building all-around strength.
  • They can improve your balance.
  • They can help you build core strength.
  • They can help you build your grip strength.

Are they sounding like the magical unicorn of workout equipment yet?! Well, they kind of are. However, like anything — insert your own kill-joy music here — there are a couple of drawbacks.

One, they can get spendy, depending on the weight you want to use. This is especially true if you need more than a couple of kettlebells, depending on the exercises you want to do and your fitness level. Also, once the pandemic hit, kettlebells got real, real popular, so they can also be difficult to find.

A couple of options that might help are shopping at your local Play It Again Sports, if you have one, or splitting the cost of the kettlebells with friends. AJ found some kettlebells later on during the pandemic and was kind enough to share one with Hillary. Hillary has done nothing to reciprocate because that’s the kind of stone-cold bitch she is.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh, right. Kettlebells.

Anyhoo, another option is to purchase a dumbbell and then get one of these contraptions. Dumbbells tend to be a little cheaper, and that gripper do-hickey is really handy. Hillary swears by hers (which again was a gift from AJ and … you know what, we’re not gonna go there.)

Also, once garage sales start up again, you can sometimes get a sweet deal on some kettlebells. Or check out Craig’s List or Facebook Marketplace.

Oh, also, theoretically, you can make your own kettlebells. However, as AJ and Hillary discovered, that’s kinda a pain in the ass. And we’d recommend it only as a last resort … or if you’re really bored as the pandemic stretches on. 

What about you? Have you used kettlebells? Any favorite exercises or routines? Give us the dirty deets in the comments.

And check out Further Info and Deets below for some solid workouts that’ll have you screaming “I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell. I’m gonna get ya, Satan get ya!”

Further Info and Deets

Please note some of these are affiliate links that help support this podcast and site.

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Kettlebells 101: How to Get Started + Beginner Kettlebell Workout:

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20-Minute Kettlebell Workout | Class FitSugar:

50 Of The Most Effective Kettlebell Exercises For Your At Home Workouts:

The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout (Kettlebell Khaos) This is pretty advanced, so be warned:

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