Episode 14: AJ ‘Falls’ for Keto All Over Again

Ma’am, please put down the avocado. That’s not how you keto, ma’am.

Seriously, keto? Again?

Less “again” and more like #ketober! Yes, that’s a thing. Look it up.

It works out because when the weather turns cold, my appetite yearns for heavier fare, more meats and cheeses. Which is why I think of the keto diet as a seasonal choice. Maybe one day I will graduate to lifetime keto. But for now, a low-carb lifestyle works for me … when I’m willing to “work it.”

Anyway, I posed #ketober to Hillary. After her eyes unstuck from rolling, and after I ducked the Real Housewives-worthy face slap, we decided this wasn’t the right time for her. At least that’s how I’m translating it. There were a lot of eff bombs to wade through.

For me, however, fall means ditching the fruits and the splurges of the summer for a more structured eating in the fall.

Don’t get me wrong; I eat low carb 80% of the time, year round and usually only go whole-hog-high-carb when I’m on vacation or at the occasional holiday party … and every other Friday because PIZZA. 

Don’t judge me! How very dare you! The scale is doing all the judging that I can handle right now. And I have been found wanting. As in, wanting to “GET A GRIP” before I explode out of my skinny jeans and need to buy a whole new wardrobe and maybe rent a crane to get me in and out of my house. Thanks, COVID!

Those of you who’ve been with us for a while might recall our first episode was Keto for Realz, and we were both low-carbing it at the time. We were also both younger, less jaded. It was a different time. It was pre-COVID.

Let’s face it, during “these unprecedented times” [insert eye roll] many of us have let ourselves go and turned to the comfort of fuds and boozes. Turn away! Put down the doughnut, AJ!

Have I convinced you? Care to #ketowithme? Do it! Do it! Fifty days until Thanksgiving! No pressure!

If you decide to join me and others who are keto all the time, review the keto diet rules, consult you physician, re-listen to our first episode for some good tips, and join in. Post your favorite recipes on our FB along with your favorite keto tips.

Keto Prep Checklist

  • Clear pantry and refrigerator of high carb snacks and foods
  • Stock up on keto-friendly foods
  • Review guidelines
  • Discuss dietary changes with your physician
  • Purchase electrolyte supplements
  • Plan meals ahead of time
  • Know thy enemy: Keto Flu
  • Prepare to fight cravings the first two to three days
  • Carry keto friendly-snacks for cravings in the early days

What about you? Are you trying any new or previous eating plans this fall? What’s your plan for success? Tell us about it in the comments!

Further Info and Deets

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