Episode 12: The Dirty Dozen-ish Things We’ve Learned

dirty hands covered in grease
What it looks like after anyone tries to touch AJ’s soul.

Yes, dear listeners and Feed Me followers, we have somehow managed to string together 12 whole episodes. No one is more shocked by this than AJ and Hillary.

In honor of our twelfth episode, AJ and Hillary decided to put together the dozen things they’ve learned over those past many episodes. … Or at least, that was the working theory. AJ says there are more like eight things. Hillary cannot believe that’s correct. But she was a journalism major, so math was never really her strong suit.

Regardless, here are a handful of things the yahoos running this show have learned and some links in case you’d like more details. 

  1. Hillary: Keto isn’t too bad, but I probably don’t need to do it again.
  2. AJ: HIITHigh Intensity Interval Training — should only be done two to three times a week.
  3. Hillary: Writing every day helps level out my emotional ups and downs.
  4. AJ: I need structure and accountability … or I don’t just go off the rails. I eat the rails.
  5. Hillary: Aadam from Physionomics is a wise fella.
  6. AJ: I gotta get my workout done in the morning.
  7. Hillary: Progress is not a straight line.
  8. AJ: Cat and minimalist videos are OK and help me to get my zen on.
  9. Hillary: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
  10. AJ and Hillary: It’s tough to reach people with our vast knowledge so we can make money so we can help them on their journey OR being Oprah is harder than it looks.

OK, so there were like 10. Although, No. 10 was something both AJ and Hillary had in common. Oh, and AJ didn’t get the chance to talk about how MUD/WTR doesn’t taste like mud. So, like 11. Close enough to 12. 

Also, to No. 10’s point, we need your help getting the word out.

No, not so we can become filthy rich and fabulously famous. (Though we’re not opposed to either of those things.) Just so we can help other people on their own journeys.

It can get lonely if you think you gotta do this all on your own or you’re the only person who’s ever encountered a certain health obstacle.

So, if you see something that tickles your fancy that you think other people would enjoy, make sure to share it. Sharing is caring. … Yes, that’s cheesy, but it’s true, too. 

How about you, our lovely followers and listeners? What have you learned during this wild and crazy ride. Tell us all about it in the comments!

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