Episode 11: Is MUD/WTR Worth the Hype and Expense?

Hand holding a can of MUD/WTR with list of ingredients shown.
You gotta give it to the MUD/WTR peeps. Their marketing and packaging is on point.

You ever drink out of a mud puddle as a kid? You know, you’re playing outside, the older kids in the neighborhood dare you, it’s hot out, you think, “what’s the worst that could happen.”

What? No, this is not an anecdote from Hillary’s childhood. Shut up.

Anyway, as an adult, your mud puddle drinking days are probably behind you (or not. Hey, we don’t judge). 

MUD/WTR packaging that reads "Started from the mud now we here."
Dammit, that’s clever.

But see, there’s this new thing called MUD/WTR.

Normally, we’d have hyperlinked that “MUD/WTR” reference to their website. But damn, the MUD/WTR people like them some tracking cookies. And that shit will follow you around the web until the end of time. 

So, you can find a lot of their details and story here: https://mudwtr.com. But we recommend you copy that link and open it in an incognito window unless you enjoy being stalked by a health drink.

Speaking of, that’s basically what MUD/WTR is. It’s billed as an alternative to coffee for people who react negatively to coffee’s caffeine side effects. 

MUD/WTR unboxing with product shown inside.
It’s a bit like an Apple product unboxing.

The ingredients are pretty simple and include:

So, basically, four types of mushrooms touted for their health benefits and then some other ingredients that are generally also believed to be good for ya. It’s worth noting that the studies done on the mushrooms were mostly animal studies, so it’s unclear if they carry over to humans.

OK, so, yeah, it’s probably good for you or at least not harmful. But does it taste like mud?

On this, both Hillary and AJ agree that the taste is pretty good. It’s a lot like chai tea or a cup of unsweetened hot chocolate. And you can add in your own sweeteners or creamers so that it matches your taste preferences.

MUD/WTR is billing itself as a coffee alternative that somehow magically gives you steady energy despite having only 1/7th the amount of caffeine. 

So, does that claim hold up?

MUD/WTR whisk
The whisk it a neat little tool and all, but it is waaaayyyyy too powerful, unless you enjoy licking MUD/WTR off your countertop.

Hillary is the coffee drinker of the dynamic duo, and because she loves you all, she actually gave up coffee for … OK, she made it like four days. It was hard, OK?

For her, no, MUD/WTR is not a magic elixir that provides boundless energy and focus and causes magic fairies to sprout from the couch cushions and clean your house for you. It’s just a nice drink that tastes good. 

AJ disagrees and says she noticed more mental clarity and focus. Plus, she really started to look forward to her morning cup o’ mud.

There’s also the cost factor. MUD/WTR is not cheap. It can run you anywhere from $40-$125, depending on how many servings you opt for.

So, it’s healthy and tasty and spendy. 

Stickers from MUD/WTR that read "support your local sunrise," "f*ck your coffee," and "MUD WTR VIP."
Ooo, sassy stickers. You can never go wrong with sassy stickers.

But is it worth it?

AJ is all in. She’s planning to start a subscription package and plans to drink it for the long haul.

Hillary is “meh” on it. It’s tasty stuff, and she enjoys mixing it in her coffee, like a dirty chai. But the cost is too great for her, especially since she didn’t see the benefits and loves coffee just too much.

What about you? Have you tired MUD/WTR? Yay or nay? Other coffee alternatives you’ve tried and love. Give us the dirty details in the comments!

Further Info and Deets

Wanna get dirty yourself? The MUD/WTR people approved our request to be an affiliate. So, if you feel like ordering yourself something dirty, use this link.

(Note: As an affiliate, we might make a small profit anytime anyone uses our link to make a purchase. Thanks for your support!)

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