The Unexpected Healing Power of Cat Videos

Sad, short-eared cat
Somebody get this poor animal a nummy immediately!

The current state of the world has a bit of a — oh, I don’t know — tire-fire quality about it, no?

Like everything is ablaze around us, and there’s just no putting it out, right? (Incidentally, for those who were really hoping we’d start this blog post with some song lyrics as we’ve done so often recently: Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire” was a strong contender.)

Anyhoo, even in the best of times, the world can get a bit gnarly, and that can wreak havoc on your emotional state.

AJ and Hillary find this to be true quite frequently. As such, over the course of time and trial and error, they’ve developed some strategies to make everything a smidge more bearable. 

The podcast tied to this post will talk in a bit more detail about some more well-known tips and tricks (so listen in and tell a friend!) like walking or getting yo’ ass outside.

But here are some lesser-known ideas that have worked for AJ and Hillary that you might want to consider the next time you’re a little blue.

Oh, ho’d on though: To be clear, these are tips for when you have a bad moment or day and have a temporary case of the blahs. If you’re struggling with depression, suicidal or self-harm thoughts, or something that’s impairing your ability to function, we are not advocating you only watch cat videos. Please find a way to get yourself some professional help. 

Say It’s Name

As odd as it may sound, the simple act of naming how you are feeling can help you to lessen the negativity of that emotion. (BTW, that link mentions “name it to tame it,” and Hillary has never been so pleased by a rhyme in all her days.)

Try a Little DBT

Dialectical behavioral therapy — a term Hillary can rarely remember the name of — is usually done one-on-one with a counselor or in group therapy. But there are tons of tools that you can also use when you’ve just hit a rough patch. One such tool is to describe your emotion. It’s similar to naming how you’re feeling, but it goes into a bit more detail, like drawing a picture of your feeling or visualizing what your feeling looks like. You can see a step-by-step explainer here

The Title of This Post Contains the Phrase ‘Cat Videos,’ So We’re Pretty Sure You Can See Where This Tip Is Going

Links to the cat videos are in the “More Info and Deets” section below. Oh, and AJ loves her some minimalist videos too, so there are links to those as well.

Try a Mishmash of Things

Now we need to hear from you. What do you do when you’ve got the blues? Sing us a sad song in the comments!

Further Info and Deets

Some of these cats are dicks. … We love them.
Don’t like the snek throw you. There’s some real gold here.
Not all kittehs are that bright.
Why is this so soothing?!
Just slid of my chair in a deep state of relaxation …

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