Episode 5: Do You Even Ride, Bro? Or How to Live Your Best Two-Wheeled Life

bicycle bell shaped like a hamburger
The more you ride, the more burgers you can eat. Those are the rules.


To understand that reference and why Hillary kept saying it over and over again on the podcast, you have to watch this clip of Tom Segura.

No, go ahead, do it now. We’ll wait. 

You’re welcome.

We’re living in the age of the bike, man. There are bikes at pretty much every price point and for every activity imaginable. Even snow. Yes, snow. Or sand. (Fair warning: That link gets a little technical, so don’t get too bogged down in the details, m’kay? Good.)

If you’re not sure the two-wheeled world is for you, you’ve still got options. Check with a local bike shop near you to see if they’ll let you check out or rent a bike for the weekend. If you think you’re ready to buy but don’t want to blow hundreds or thousands of dollars, shop around at pawn shops or garage sales. Facebook Marketplace and Craig’s List can also be good options.

Your budget is going to be a huge piece of determining what kind of ride you get. But make sure you also know what kind of riding you plan to do. So, if you want to mountain bike but end up buying a road bike, you’re probably not going to be super happy.

Once you’ve decided what kind of riding you want to do, research the shit out of that type of bike. Read reviews, check out comments other riders have made about the type of bike you’re interested in, talk to your local bike shop peeps to see what they recommend or what stories they’ve heard.

For Hillary, a huge factor is how much a bike weighs. You might not think there’s a ton of difference between a 28-pound bike and a 34-pound one, but you might feel differently when you’re going uphill against the wind. Typically, weight isn’t as much a factor for cruiser bikes and the like if you’re just riding flat surfaces for a handful of miles at a time. But still, odds are the heavier your bike is, the less likely you are to ride it, unless it’s an e-bike.

Speaking of e-bikes … yeah, they’re pretty awesome. They get hella spendy. But when you are going uphill against the wind, they make a world of difference.

Once you’ve got your new two-wheeled best friend, it’s time to accessorize! (If you read that sentence in your most Karen voice, you did it correctly.) But seriously, you’re gonna need a helmet and a lock. Also, padded shorts or seats can be a huge help making sure your butt is only kinda sore. (That’s what she said.)

If you’re a biker chick now, what kind of ride do you like best? And if you’re not a two-wheeled convert, what’s holding you back? Drop some truth on us in the comments!

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