Episode 4: Working Out During a Pandemic When the Siren Song of Your Couch Is Oh-So Strong

Chubby seal on a beach
What? I’m doing a side plank.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it … and I feel fiiiiiiiiine.”

Or maybe you don’t echo R.E.M.’s sentiments (regardless, you’re welcome for that earworm), and the pandemic and subsequent quarantine have got you a little down and a little off your game. 

Well, that’s pretty much to be expected, no? After all, you’re a human being and not a robot, and a global health scare and the surrounding fallout can be more than a little frightening.

So, cut yourself some slack if you’re not handling all of this like a fully functioning adult and find yourself embedded in your couch cushions, bingeing so much Netflix it’s now a member of the family and you’re considering claiming it as a dependent on next year’s taxes. 

Anyhoo, when you’re ready to re-emerge and start chasing down some exercise-induced endorphins, give these tips a shot:

  • Shoot for 30 minutes of cardio a day. Whether that’s house walking, regular walking, running, biking, yoga, hiking. Just something to get the ol’ heart rate up.
  • Aim for two sessions of weight-resistance training a week. That can be bodyweight workouts, workouts using resistance bands, using items around your house like cans of food or your kids or your pets. There’s even a thing called the Makeweight that lets you hold canned food like a dumbbell. If you’re looking for some bodyweight or resistance band templates, Aadam over at Physiqonomics has a handy-dandy spreadsheet at a killer price. 
  • Search for workouts you can stream online. AJ’s a fan of Dance Church.
  • If you’re an app head, try ones like MyFitnessPal or Fitbod. AJ and Hillary use both, and they’re useful for workouts and/or food tracking if you find you’ve packed on some quarantine weight and need to drop a few pounds. 
  • Find a friend or loved one and force them ask them to be your accountability partner. Text each other your workouts or use an app to share your exercise routine to stay on track.
  • This bullet is where Hillary yet again plugs THERACK despite not receiving any royalties other than the sweet, sweet satisfaction of watching this guy lead the workouts and the chance to TYPE A PRODUCT NAME IN ALL CAPS!!!!1
  • Ropeless jump ropes are not sex toys despite the fact that they look like sex toys. IDK, ask AJ. This is her bullet point.

Do what you can where you’re at, and don’t force yourself to do anything that’ll raise your stress levels any higher than they already are. Exercise will likely help you feel better because of the aforementioned endorphins and such.

Be kind to yourself (and others), wash your hands, take deep breaths. This situation’s a real bitch, but we’ll manage. We’re adaptable like that.

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