Episode 3: OFFPLAN! Or How to (Mostly) Survive a Pandemic

Masked emojis with different skin tones. Photo by visuals on Unsplash.
These masked emojis look WAY too happy.

If you’re like AJ and Hillary, it’s possible your year has Not Gone According to Plan. Because, you know, so much of life totally, like, omg, always goes exactly the way you were expecting.

But yeah, this year is a lil’ extreme even for that.

AJ and Hillary like to refer to how they’re dealing with the current shitshow as OFFPLAN! (that’s trademarked and in all caps, so don’t you bitches even think about trying to steal it for your own nefarious usage.)

If it’s not totally clear, OFFPLAN! just means that nothing has gone as expected, and we’re all just doing our best to survive and not murder our spouses and loved ones with whom we’re currently quarantined.

If you find yourself in a similar boat, no need to fret. Here are some quick resources to help you deal.

Remember: Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Give everybody — even yourself — a lot more grace than you might even think is necessary.

COVID-1 Mental Health Tips from the CDC

Advice from Experts for Dealing with a Pandemic

Self-Care During COVID-19 from Mayo Clinic

Some Tips for Healthy Eating When You’re Quarantined

Using Household Objects for a Home Workout

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